City of Yonkers SealI was born and raised in Yonkers, NY, but left my beautiful Hudson River bordered home-city at 18 to attend college. After trying a local private college and a far away Catskills Mountains state college for a year each, I ended up at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). There I earned both a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in Information Technology. Thank you Financial Aid. I couldn't have done it without you.

During my LONG time at RIT I worked as an Assistant Student Government Bookkeeper, a Clubs Graduate Assistant, a Programming Graduate Assistant, and an ETC Web Developer. I was a bit busy.

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) logo - Go Tigers!As an undergraduate I concentrated in Web Development, Database Design and Italian Foreign Language. As a graduate student I focused in Technical E-Commerce, Programming, and Human Computer Interaction. Extracurricularly, I was a member and officer of the RIT Model Railroad Club where I spent much of my time building, painting, and installing scenes on the club's model railroad. It was a great escape from programming and looking at computer screens. I was also a member of Piazza Italiana, RIT's Italian club. I was only one course short of a minor in Italian. Bummer.

While attending RIT I lived in the Art District of the city of Rochester with my Mike, but after numerous car vandalizations, my neighbor nearly setting the building ablaze with a pumpkin, and out growing the tiny, one closet , one bedroom apartment, it was time to move. In 2005 we moved to the Rochester suburb of Henrietta and lived in an awesomely large apartment for several years.

Jessy wearing GCCIS t-shirt over graduation garbThat same year, shortly after finishing up my graduate coursework I got my first "real" job. I started working as a Web Developer for an Ecommerce Company. It is exactly the kind of job I was hoping to find. It is a small company whose employees all work from home. Perfect! I love that the company is small. I could never really picture myself working for a gorilla of a company. I adore that I can work from home in my PJs with my cats purring in a chair beside me and Opie & Anthony blaring through the speakers.

In 2006 I completed my Master's Capstone Project and earned my MS degree! My Capstone Project consists of building an online digital library and content manageable web site for the the East Rochester Local History Department. The platform on which I chose to build my project is the very fun and friendly Ruby on Rails.

In 2009 Mike and I decided it was time to leave Rochester for newer pastures, so we packed ourselves and our cats into our Mazda 5 and embarked on a journey across the country. We now live in a suburb of Sacramento, CA and are enjoying what new adventures California has in store for us.

Mike and Jessy overlooking San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge